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King's Dominion International Church
The primary work of  the ministry team of King's Dominion International Church is carried out by some of most anointed members. Training is a vital part of what we do. We hold meetings and training for leadership development. Our primary focus is to help the weary and lost at any cost.  We have developed relief strategies and organized missions that reach out to those in nursing homes, prisons and on the street. Our anointed leaders know how to meet critical needs in our own communities and one main primary objective is to train and equip the ministers of KDI to lead the way in their department and church. 

KDI Bookstore
Our faithbuilders bookstore is a great place to shop for creative spiritual gifts. It is also the place to order bibles, music CD’s along with Pastor Chris messages.

King’s Kids Ministry
Our children are ministered to during Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and through our nursery program. (Matthew 19:14)

Men’s Ministry 
At KDIM, we minister to men by putting the Word of God in action. Thru fellowship such as: fishing, camping trips, breakfast and sporting events. (Proverbs 27:17)

N2One Couples Ministry
Our N2One Ministry is designed to encourage, instruct and guide. Sometimes we use humor to help married and engaged couples in the vision that God has for marriage. God said: The two shall become one. (Genesis 2:24)

Is a ministry geared toward singles, which helps build strong spiritual relationships. Our singles are active in outreach and meet monthly. 

Sista 2 Sista
The women’s ministry is a place where the women at KDI can be encouraged and strengthened. We have held several conferences on topics such as: self esteem, building wealth, single and sold out and Are you sleeping with the enemy? We speak the truth in love when we are with our Sistas! (Proverbs 31)

Teen Ministry
Our Teenagers are special people! They are actively involved in our outreach ministries and assist with Vacation Bible School as junior teachers. Our teenagers meet monthly every First Friday, along with hosting special youth conferences every fifth Sunday.  

Our ministry teams are just as active on the outside as we are on the inside. Jesus said: Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature… Mark 16: 15

Angel tree 
Christmas gifts to children of incarcerated parents

Renaissance Nursing Home 
Providing outreach to residents thru bible reading and sharing gifts of support

Clara’s House 
Providing food and love to a shelter for women and children.

Behind the walls
Ministry to incarcerated individuals.

We share the Good News in the inner city.

Food Pantry 
We minister food to individuals who are homeless.

Young, Gifted and Black 
We have partnered with this organization in an effort to decrease violence in the inner city thru after school youth programming.

Black Star Project
 We have partnered with The Black Star Project to provide G.E.D. programs at our church. In addition, we actively participate in Black Star’s “Take a Male to Church Initiative.”

King's Dominion International Church Ministries

King’s Kids Ministry
N2One Couples Ministry

KDI Bookstore
Music Ministry
Praise Dancers Ministry
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